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The size of the offices can vary from 70 to 900 sq.m. The layout depends on the needs of the specific tenant and both open plan offices and individual rooms can be fitted out. Tenants have the possibility to expand and make changes in their office layout over time.

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Multifunctional Health & Sport Area

Health & Sport Area

Photo credit SMARTASS Sport Club

Health and sport zone


Train in the atmosphere of a nightclub. Effective and cleverly composed workouts with lighting scenarios that will improve your physical results. Carefully curated up-to-the-beat playlists with top instructors to push you to your best.

Health and sport zone

Our Space –
Yoga club

A place for yoga and meditation. A place for dancing and relaxation. A place for us from us with love.

Health and sport zone

Golf Club Lab

Golf Club Lab is the place for training and golf lessons for every golf enthusiast, young competitor or weekend golfer, where in a pleasant atmosphere you will be able to take your first steps in golf.

Health and sport zone

Taekwondo club Levski Sofia

The Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation will prepare the future champions of the country, and the training will be conducted by some of the most titled champions of Bulgaria. The doors of the hall are open to everyone, who wants, of all ages and categories, since, in addition to the national team, trainings will also be conducted in the hall by TK Levski.