Engineering networks

The complex has its own power center including boiler room with 6 MW installed power, cooling center with 3,5 MW and Transformer station with 4 MW double source electrical supply.

The building has 14 nr. Air Handling Units for fresh air. The cooling and heating are provided by floor fan-coils supplied with a four pipe network.

To the maximum extend it is given possibility to the tenants to choose and regulate the local temperature and operation mode of each level.

Suspended Facade

The façade is an unique masterpiece of ALUKÖNIGSTAHL and is developed by the best specialists in this field. The system is one of a kind and carries the name of Vertigo, becoming one of the top 12 buildings of the company for 2012.

The choice of the type of glasses and their different specific coverings allows to be reduced the solar radiation, and meanwhile to preserve the internal heat.

Building Management System (BMS)

As a high class business building Vertigo operates through a centralized computer system for control and management of the engineering network, monitoring for cause and development of fire and remote reading of the individual measuring units.

According to the Bulgarian legal norms the building is classified as TALL and therefore it is equipped with numerous systems to guarantee and preserve the human life in emergency situations.

Twice a year the building occupants undergo an evacuation training


The complex has 24/7 security guards and video serveillence – 64 cameras are installed in public areas throughout the building. There are guards panic button and a special frequency radio link. Access to the complex, with personal electronic cards for employees or reception.

The complex is 24/7 under life guards, supported by 64 cameras assembled all around the common parts of the building. The guardians have at disposal panic button and special radio frequency for connection.

The access to the building is restrictive and is provided by individual named cards for employees or by reception desk.

Green Roof

Following latest trends in the urban studies at the roof of the lower body of the building was created landscaped environment, which aims to optimize the heating and cooling of offices on the second floor. It is envisaged that access to green environment for general use.