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In September 2013 DEGIRO launched its online retail brokerage service in the Netherlands offering retail investors the same fees as professional clients.This announcement caused a shockwave throughout the Dutch broker landscape and captured widespread media attention upon launch. In many areas, this immediately made DEGIRO the most competitive online broker in the world!Within 2 years DEGIRO grew substantially and is now active in 17 countries, employing 150 people and processing transactions worth in excess of €30 billion on stock exchanges worldwide.  Providing an online investment platform for all types of investors, DEGIRO enables its clients to invest worldwide for extremely low fees, which remain on average 80% lower than current retail brokers in the EU.In the past, investors were often limited to stock exchanges in Europe or the United States. By means of a simple, fast and user-friendly platform, all investors with DEGIRO have access to stock exchanges and products worldwide. This enables private investors to spread their assets far more effectively.With DEGIRO, global investment becomes a possibility for everyone.

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